what is the different between pciex1、x4、x8、x16?

1. The PCI-Ex16 slot is 89mm long and has 164 pins. There is a bayonet on the outer side of the motherboard. The 16x is divided into two groups, the front and the rear. The shorter slot has 22 pins, which are mainly used for power supply. The longer slot has 22 pins. There are 142 slots, mainly used for data transmission, with high bandwidth brought by 16 channels.

2. The PCI-Ex8 slot is 56mm long and has 98 pins. Compared with PCI-Ex16, the main data pins are reduced to 76 pins, and the short power supply pins are still 22 pins. For compatibility, PCI-Ex8 slots are usually processed into the form of PCI-Ex16 slots, but only half of the data pins are valid, which means that the actual bandwidth is only half of the real PCI-Ex16 slot. The motherboard wiring can be observed, the second half of the x8 has no wire connections, not even the pins are soldered.

3. The length of the PCI-Ex4 slot is 39mm, which is also implemented on the basis of the PCI-Ex16 slot by reducing data pins. It is mainly used for PCI-ESSD solid-state drives, or through PCI-E adapter cards. Installed M.2SSD solid state drive.

4. The length of the PCI-E x1 slot is the shortest, only 25mm. Compared with the PCI-E x16 slot, its data pins are greatly reduced to 14. The bandwidth of the PCI-E x1 slot is usually provided by the motherboard chip. The main purpose is that the independent network card, independent sound card, USB 3.0/3.1 expansion card, etc. will use the PCI-E x1 slot, and can even be connected to the PCI-E x1 through the adapter cable The slot is equipped with a graphics card for mining or multi-screen output.

Post time: Sep-19-2022