Hot Selling 1800W/2000W Support 8 GPU for Eth Btc Ethereum Minging Power Supply

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  • Professional SupplyThis power supply is rated 1800 watts. single fan multi-channel power supply supports 8 high-end graphics cards.( Input Voltage of 220V, 150A)
  • Energy savingThe conversion rate is as high as 95% or more (while the conversion rate of passive PFC is often below 70%), which can reduce electricity bills. More energy saving! More environmentally friendly
  • PFCThis power supply adopts an active PFC circuit, Compared with passive PFC, its input voltage can be from 164V to 264V, while ordinary passive PFC power supplies cannot work when the voltage is lower than 180V
  • Over Voltage ProtectionPerfect function for protecting Miners, when circut is malfunction or power supply has higher inside temperature, it will shut off automatically to protect antminer

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Output Wattage

1800 Watts

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 Input Voltage





Active PFC

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1800W Mining Power Supply for BTC/ETH/ZEC/ETC
PSU's rated power is 1800w, the conversion efficiency of up to 92%, the DC circuit is designed, and the voltage output is stable.
Equipped with the most reliable American-made electrolytic capacitors to extend the service life.
The perfect protection function of the mining machine, when the circuit fails or the internal temperature of the power supply is high, it will automatically shut down to protect the mining machine.
Professional power supplies support your computer system and are an ideal solution that provides high availability, scalability, maximum flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.


ASIC miners with protocols or software cannot use this power supply!
Upgrade Material - Our mining PSU shell is made of high-quality steel, sturdy and durable, and reusable. The internal wire adopts an upgraded copper core, which is resistant to high temperatures and is more durable than other types of copper core wires, the external material of the power cord fully protects the wire

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