Jasminer X4 1U-C ETC/ETH 5G Miner 450Mh/s

Short Description:

1:Low -Power consumpiton

2:slim style

3:standrd 1u Server

Product Detail

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Jasminer X4 1U-C
Item Weight 15kg 
HashRate 450M +/- 10%
Coin ETH (before June 2022) or ETC
Noise level 70db
Power 240w
Voltage 220v
Interface Ethernet
 Memory  5G RAM

Item Details:

Jasminer X4 1U-C is designed to mine ETH and ETC. However, as it only has 5G Ram capacity, it could only mine ETH till around June 2022 before ETH DAG file size go above 5G. The good thing about this miner is that it can switch to mine ETC afterward, which is also very profitable option.

We have tested this machine, it runs very stable and very reliable. We haven't seen the reduced Hashrate like Innosllicon ETH miner.

Hope you guys all enjoy crypto Mining.

Model X4-C 1U from Jasminer mining EtHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 450Mh/s for a power consumption of 240W

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