how to choose a ATX PSU for GoldShell

Choose a suitable power supply. It is generally recommended to choose a brand power supply, over 600W output would be a better choice.


Please follow the steps below:

1. First, short connect the 16th pin of 24pin ports, which is the green pin (power_ On) and any black pin (GND).
More information is available on the internet. (search Jump start atx power supply)

Note: paerclip or metal wire or tweezers can be used for short connection, and a specific starter can also be purchased online.

2. Connect the power supply and switch on, If the fan rotates, then the power supply works normally.


3. Plug the 6pin PCIE port to HS1-PLUS OR BOX Power port.

4. Finally, For HS1-PLUS plug in the USB cable, connect it to the computer, and set up to start mining.

Post time: Jan-06-2022