The difference between discrete graphics and integrated graphics?

1. In simple terms, the discrete graphics card can be upgraded, that is to say, the discrete graphics card you bought can’t keep up with mainstream games. You can buy a higher-end one to replace it, while the integrated graphics card cannot be upgraded. When the game is very stuck, there is no way to replace the integrated graphics card. This is just a general statement.

2. The detailed difference is that the performance of the discrete graphics card is very powerful. There are many things that the integrated graphics card does not have. The most basic thing is the radiator. The integrated graphics card consumes a lot of power and heat when dealing with large-scale 3D games. The graphics card has a radiator, which can give full play to its performance and even overclock, while the integrated graphics card does not have a radiator, because the integrated graphics card is integrated inside the computer motherboard. When dealing with the same large-scale 3D games, its heat After reaching a certain temperature, there will be many depressing situations.

3. This is only the most basic difference. The details are their video memory, video memory bandwidth, stream processor, GPU chipset used, display frequency, core frequency, etc. are different. Relatively speaking, independent graphics cards are different for games or HD 3D rendering and other video animation games have more room to play, while integrated graphics cards cannot reach the level of discrete graphics cards.

Post time: Aug-22-2022