What is the difference between an ITX case and a normal case?

1. Ordinary chassis is larger in size, but has better heat dissipation performance; mini chassis is small and stylish, but has great limitations on the selectivity of motherboards and graphics cards. Even if it is slightly bigger, it cannot be installed. The fatal disadvantage is that the heat dissipation performance is relatively poor, and there are few optional cooling fans, and there are few installation locations, which is not easy to install.

2. Generally speaking, the ITX case is expensive, and the ITX motherboard is also expensive. In short, the mini case and its components are slightly more expensive than normal.

3:Of course, it is small in size, but its performance and functions are no worse than ATX standard hosts. This is convenient for placing in a small space, and it is also more conducive to moving your computer. You can even put your ITX main unit in the suitcase to take away, or directly carry it in your hand without any problem.

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Post time: Jul-04-2022