what is the difference between ddr3 and ddr4?

1. Different specifications

The starting frequency of DDR3 memory is only 800MHz, and the maximum frequency can reach 2133MHz. The starting frequency of DDR4 memory is 2133MHz, and the highest frequency can reach 3000MHz. Compared with DDR3 memory, the performance of higher frequency DDR4 memory is significantly improved in all aspects. Each pin of DDR4 memory can provide 2Gbps bandwidth, so DDR4-3200 is 51.2GB/s, which is higher than that of DDR3-1866. Bandwidth increased by 70%;

2. Different appearance

As an upgraded version of DDR3, DDR4 has undergone some changes in appearance. The golden fingers of DDR4 memory have become curved, which means that DDR4 is no longer compatible with DDR3. If you want to replace DDR4 memory, you need to replace the motherboard with a new platform that supports DDR4 memory;

3. Different memory capacity

In terms of memory performance, the maximum single DDR3 capacity can reach 64GB, but only 16GB and 32GB are available on the market. The maximum single capacity of DDR4 is 128GB, and the larger capacity means that DDR4 can provide support for more applications. Taking DDR3-1600 memory as the reference benchmark, DDR4 memory has a performance improvement of at least 147%, and such a large margin can reflect the obvious difference;

4. Different power consumption

Under normal circumstances, the working voltage of DDR3 memory is 1.5V, which consumes a lot of power, and the memory module is prone to heat and frequency reduction, which affects performance. The working voltage of DDR4 memory is mostly 1.2V or even lower. The decrease in power consumption brings less power consumption and less heat, which improves the stability of the memory module, and basically does not cause a drop caused by heat. frequency phenomenon;

Post time: Sep-22-2022