PCIE 1 To 7 Riser PCIE Port Multiplier USB3.0 16X Card Riser For Video Card BTC Mining

Short Description:

1. 7 Slots brings great extendability

2. Plugs directly to the board without any extender cable, can be fixed to the case

3. PCI-E slot power solution, no extra power cable needed

4. Only one cable to the slot, easy and convenient to settle and install

5. With IC heat radiato

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Name PCIE 1 to 7 USB3.0 Riser Card for BTC Miner Mining
Item Weight 0.3KG
Material Metal + Plastic
Colour Black
warrenty 12 months
Bus Port PCI-E 1X
Port Quantity 7*USB3.0
Supported OS for DOS, for Linux, for Windows XP/7/8/10


As each batch of raw material may be different, the PCIE riser card may be a little different on the appearance(such as the solid capacitor, USB 3.0 cablel), but the function is the same.

WE promises testing all the PCIE risers before the shipment!

Item Details:

PCI Express Multiplier PCI-E Riser Card PCIE 1 to 7 Slot USB 3.0 Port 1x to 16x Adapter for Miner Mining Riser 009S Plus


1. This extension is applicable to the mainboard PCI - E 1X slot, Please plug in the power cord for the floppy. When plug PCI - E extension must be computer broken wires plug again.



2. The form a complete set of wire rod is customized, never grab line to plug in. Remember that!

3. When plug wire must identify the direction, not to counter or offset, prevent burning equipment, plug wire when the socket of equipment first, then plug wire, avoid too hard plug socket pin is broken.

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