1800w asic pc power supply For Ethereum ETH ATX PC psu For BTC Minner Machine

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  • 【Excellent Energy Efficiency】The conversion rate is up to 95% (while the conversion rate of passive PFC is often below 70%), which can reduce electricity bills. More energy saving! More environmentally friendly.
  • 【Over Voltage Protection】Perfect function for protecting Miners, when circut is malfunction or power supply has higher inside temperature, it will shut off automatically to protect miner.

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Name 1800W Asic Miner PSU 
Item Weight 2.5KG
Output Wattage
1800 Watts
Colour Silver
warrenty 12 months
Maximum Input Voltage 240v
Cooling Method Air
Package List: 1 x1800W 


  • 【Design features】This power supply adopts an active PFC circuit, Compared with passive PFC, its input voltage can be from 100V to 264V, while ordinary passive PFC power supplies cannot work when the voltage is lower than 180V.

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  • 【24 Hours Support】We are committed to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied. If you encounter any problems during use and are not satisfied with our products or services, please contact us directly by email, and we will wholeheartedly provide you with satisfactory and friendly services.




High Quality Solid Capacitors, Voltage Regulation, and Over-current Protection. Gold plated contacts for flawless connectivity and a long lifespan.



Please note that because the power supply is running at high power, a high-speed cooling fan is equipped to effectively dissipate heat. The sound will be a bit loud during the power supply operation. Please don't worry, this is normal.

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