B75 B85 Motherboard Mining Server Case Chassis Frame Full Set

Short Description:

1. It is equipped with new 4U2000W single-way mining power supply and ultra-high power/specially designed for mining machine.
2.8* 12CM cooling fans 4800 to large air volume fans, sudden heat dissipation.
3. The 65mm spacing card slot can hold eight dual card slots of less than 290mm.

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Name B75 mining case full set 
Item Weight 22KG
Motherboard B75
CPU G1620/G1820
warrenty 12 months
Memory 4GB DDR3
Hard Disk 128G SSD
Package List: 1 x Mining Chassis
1 x Motherboard
8 x Cooling Fan
1 x 4GB DRR3
1 x 128GB SSD
1 x G1620 CPU
1 x 2000W Power Supply


CPU: B85/B85 LGA1150 platform processor
Memory: 4G DDR3L1600MHz
Hard drive: 128G MSATA solid-state drive
Graphics card: limited length 290mm graphics card (the whole machine can be equipped with 8 588 or 30HX)
Power supply: 2000W single channel dedicated power supply (voltage 170-240V)
Chassis heat dissipation:: 4 12V1.6A high-speed fans
Chassis structure: ATX/BTX
Size: 62*36*17 (cm)
Material: tin plated steel
Compatible motherboard: 8-card in-line motherboard
Remarks: Due to the unstable supply of graphics cards, a variety of graphics card types can be selected, please consult the stock graphics cards before placing an order

Item Details:

Sturdy and durable, and can be reused. Can fully protect your GPU and electronic equipment from damage and saves your use cost.
It can ensure silent performance, low power consumption, reduce heat generation, energy-saving, and safe use. This is a must for mining Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC), and any other cryptocurrency.


The 65mm spacing card slot can hold eight dual card slots of less than 290mm.


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