ATX 24Pin To 4Pin SATA Sync Starter Extender Cable

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  • Since the current high-power power supply is relatively expensive, the use of this line can simultaneously use the low-power switch of the two power supplies at the same time, thereby increasing the power supply.
  • Name: Dual power supply startup board
  • Model: ATX2ATX-N03

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Name Dual power supply startup board
Item Weight 0.3KG
Form Factor ATX
Colour Blue
warrenty 12 months
Model  ATX2ATX-N03
electrostatic bag
Package List: 1 * Dual Power Supply Board


Because of the high-power power is more expensive, now use this Card can use two power small power switch machine at the same time, thus increasing the power supply.

Item Details:

The 24PIN main power supply is inserted into the 24PIN female connector on the other side of the motherboard, and the auxiliary power detection SATA power cord is inserted into the adapter card to achieve the same power supply protection and graphics life as the main power switch.


When you pay for 5 graphics cards at the same time, the power supply on the power supply is not enough. The high-power power supply is out of stock and the price is very expensive. Among them, the ITHOO adapter card comes in handy. Through this card, the two power supplies can be switched on and off at the same time. The power of the graphics card is allocated to two power sources, which means the use of high-power power.



  • The main power supply 24PIN plug into the 24PIN female head on the other side of the motherboard, the secondary power supply to detect the 4Pin power cord plugged into the adapter card, you can achieve the same power supply and the main power switch machine, protection of power and graphics life.

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