PCIE Adapter 20 Port PCI-Express X1 to SATA 3.0 Controller Expansion Card 6Gbps High Speed for Desktop PC

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Reliability, availability, high compatibility
Can realize fast data transmission, up to 6gbps transmission mechanism, save more time!
There are 20 standard SATA3.0 interfaces in the rear, which can be connected to multiple devices at the same time
It can be used as system disk, support high-capacity hard disk, and connect SSD optical drive!

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Name PCI-E to SATA3.0 expansion card
Item Weight 0.3KG
Transmission rate: 6Gbps
Bus speed PCI-E3.0
warrenty 12 months
Interface 20
Working temperature  -10~60 degrees
Driver support  for Windows/for Linux/for Ubuntu/for Esxi/for Synology/for Nas etc.


As each batch of raw material may be different, the PCIE riser card may be a little different on the appearance(such as the solid capacitor, USB 3.0 cablel), but the function is the same.

WE promises testing all the PCIE risers before the shipment!

Item Details:

Chia Mining 20 Ports SATA 6Gb to PCI Express Controller Expansion Card PCIe to SATA III Converter PCIE Riser Adapter for PC NEW


Features: 100% brand new and high quality
Compliance with Serial ATA Specification 3.0.
Pci express sata 3 card.
Pcie to 20-port sata 3.0 card.
Used for PC hard disk chia mining.
PCIe SATA card 20 ports with 20 cables.



Easy Organization PCI-E 20Ports Sata Card ASMedia1064+JMB575x4 Main Control Chip

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