BTC S37 D37 T37 Chassis Mining Case with 4 Fan Bitcoin ETH Ethereum Miner Cabinet Support 8 Graphics Card GPU Motherboard

Short Description:

1:Multi-graphics card chassis Custom chassis

2:Mainboard bits: Compatible with the corresponding mainboard

3:Easy to install and use

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Name mining case 8 gpu
Item Weight 16KG
Board size 70x40x18cm (S37 Csae)/63x40x18cm (D37 Case)/58.5x40.5x18cm (T37 Case)
Colour Silver
warrenty 12 months
Hard disk bit  3.5-inch hard disk or 2.5-inch hard disk
Power bit ATX power supply mounting size
Standard fans 4 sets of 12038 fans


Color: Silver

Hard disk bit : 3.5-inch hard disk or 2.5-inch hard disk

Power bit: ATX power supply mounting size

Standard fans: 4 sets of 12038 fans,

Graphics card bit : Supports a maximum of eight graphics cards

Chassis material: aluminum alloy, anti-rust, anti-static effect is good!

The product fan is 3500 RPM brand new fan

WE promises testing all the PCIE risers before the shipment!

Item Details:

Equipped sodimm DDR3 memory slot, 8x6PIN PCI-E X16 Power.
The supply socket significantly improves motherboard performance.
High performance of computing, 8 x PCI-E 16X graphics card slots, 575mm spacing.
The voltage stabilizing capacitor can provide a stable voltage for your power supply equipment.
It can ensure quiet performance, low power consumption, less heat generation, energy saving, and safe use.


USB: 4 x USB2.0
Network Port: Gigabit Network RJ45 Port
Memory: 1 x DDR3 Sodimm Slot, Support 1066/1333/1600mhz
Storage: 1 x SATA3.0 + 1 x SATA2.0 + 1 x m SATA2.0
Expandable Port: 8 x PCI-E 16X, 8 x 6PIN PCI-E X16 Power Supply Socket, HDMI-Compatible+VGA



-There might be 1-3 cm error of size for manual measurement.
-The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings, please kindly understand.

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